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Digital control chip for resonate LLC converter with Sync Rect. driver

Product Part Number : ZPL1602
One chip solution for resonate LLC converter and Sync. Rect. solution. With powerful digital control embedded but with the easiest use as of analog chip. Features of ZPL1602 including output regulation control, OVP, OTP and system protection function, as well as a precise driving signal for the synchronous rectification to boost the overall efficiency to maximum level. Thanks for the digital control mechanism and the strength of high performance MCU, all above featues is embedded without the need for external programming.

Application : 80 Plus Platinum grade server and ATX converter, high efficiency and high reliability LED driver, 100 W to 600 W resonate type converter.

For customized total solutions of any requirements or power level, please contact for quotation.

Reference Design   - 24V 125W converter
AC Input Range - 90 Vac - 300 Vac
Output Voltage - 24 V
Output Current - 5.21 A
Efficiency - 95% typical
PF - 0.95 @ 230Vac
EMI- Pass EN55022 class B conducted
Safety - Design to meet UL60950
Sample cost - USD 300 exclude freight, contact for sampling.