PowerElab FAQ

What is your company doing?

You may understand us as a design house, providing turnkey solution for all kind of power supply or power electronics product.

We also license our technologies and build a free on-line tool, www.powerEsim.com, to help engineer design power supply all over the world.

What kind of product you can design?

We can design any converter under 3,000W, e.g. DC-AC inverter, EV charger, battery charger, LED driver, ballast, 90+ power supply, ATX, DC-DC converter, etc.

How much do you charge?

It is depended on the complexity of the product; we have service charging from several thousand US to several hundred thousand US. We can give you a quotation before the project start.

Is it a onetime charge so I can own the whole design after then?

Yes, it is a onetime charge and our client can use the design to do whether on their own. Nevertheless, if client agree to use our own properties technology to boost performance of the product, royalty will be necessary.

What ground you based on your cost?

Our cost bases on resource spend and counted by engineering-month. We are a team of highly professional engineer and we believe we spend much less time than any other engineer to complete a design.

Do you consider BOM cost of the product?

Yes, before the project start, we can provide a preliminary BOM to our client, so they can estimate the product cost.

Do you give engineering support after production period?

Unless further agreed, we will give engineering follow up to prior run stage.

Will your design pass International Standard?

Yes, we can finish a product and walk through with the client on the approval procedure from International Standard, e.g. EMI and Safety.

Do you provide other service?

Yes, we also provide consultants service, EMI solution, training and design verification study too.

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